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NSP – Nature’s Sunshine Products for your health

Nature’s Sunshine Products has been creating, producing and distributing dietary supplements and vitamins for 49 years (since 1972).

NSP has 600 formulas of phytopreparations to normalize the body’s work.A team of scientists develops and tests dietary supplements in the company’s own laboratory in America.

Nature’s Sunshine (NASDAQ: NATR) today has 27 offices around the world and millions of independent distributors who distribute products in 70 countries.



Our production procedures and internal quality control meet the strictest of requirements, so independent auditors are more than welcome to visit our factory. Our production follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as confirmed by institutions such as NSF International and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), but that’s not all.

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Nature's Sunshine certificates



The FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration, the government agency responsible for the safety of food and dietary supplements sold and manufactured in the United States. The FDA controls and enforces regulations governing the dietary supplement industry. Our FDA registration is up-to-date and renewed every two years, as legally required.



The Utah Department of Agriculture is a consumer protection agency working for the citizens of Utah. A UDAF audit is performed every 12 months, but the last inspection carried out at our factory yielded results so good that the agency decided to change the audit frequency for us to 18 months.



NSF International, a world leader in drafting production standards and certifying finished goods, awarded the NSF Good Manufacturing Certification to Nature's Sunshine. NSF is a leading auditor of companies involved in the health and public health safety sector. NSF certification means that our production facility has undergone a thorough inspection, including tests of production equipment and a thorough assessment of our manufacturing policies, procedures and processes.


The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration awarded Nature's Sunshine a GMP Good Manufacturing Practice certificate for medicinal products. The TGA certificate is valid subject to periodic inspections. TGA is the state regulatory authority for therapeutic goods in Australia. TGA monitors the Australian market to ensure that people in Australia have access to products of the highest quality.


Sharing the power of nature

Our trust in nature guides us in everything we do, from working with our suppliers, who care for our planet and source the purest herbs from all around the world, to producing the best supplements in our cutting-edge manufacturing facility.

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Obsessive focus on quality

Our company consists of people whose mission is to make everyday life better. We’re a well-established choice for everyone looking for lasting health benefits.

Promising to improve your life is a very bold statement, but we do it with certainty, because Nature’s Sunshine delivers health to millions of people around the world every day.

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